Since 2013, The Overhead Project has empowered and funded passionate, driven Chicagoans looking to
make a difference in their neighborhoods.


With micro-grants, supplies and organizational support, OHP brings community initiatives to life. Below you'll find a list of OHP-sponsored projects and financial details laying out how every dollar donated to and through OHP was spent. Take a look.

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Project Reports

Our community partners continue to do amazing work in their neighborhoods every day. On our Facebook page, you can find up-to-date pictures and project reports recording their work. 

Completed Projects

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Community Glue

PROJECT COMPLETED: Bryn Mawr Redline CTA Viaduct

The OHP worked with Community Glue to clean-up and beautify a community space under the Bryn Mawr Redline CTA Viaduct.

Community Art Display 06/01/2014 | Cleanup 11/02/2013