OHP Art Fund - Ardmore Mural

Date: 05/16 - 05/17/2015

Project Manager's Time on Site: 16 Hours

Volunteer's Time on Site: 16 Hours

Location: Mural Location, 1101 W. Ardmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

 Total Cost:  36.45 (View Expense Report)

  •  36.45 Provided by the OHP

Donation Summary: Supply Transportation

Project Summary:  This weekend we finished cleaning the mural space and hosted our first official painting day.  Sure it was only the white coat, but it was still pretty fantastic to see everyone come out and help.  Great weather has helped a lot!  Check our other project pages to see the progression!  

Questions or Comments?  Contact: Cara Feeney at cm1829@gmail.com or Seamus at seamusfitzgerald@gmail.com