The Overhead Project will update it's financial holdings at the end of each fiscal quarter. Community donors will be reported in number only, however all donor records are available to the financial institutions we hold accounts with. Donations come in through Paypal and get transferred to a bank account at the UW Credit Union. When this transfer occurs we will publish a donation deposit in the donation holding account listed below. 

You can review our Donation information here.  Donations made to a Partner Community Group are made available to the assigned Project Manger. Donations to the Overhead Project will be used to grow the organization or invest in the endowment.

Current as of: 05/02/2016 


  • Held at Vanguard to gain exposure to the cheapest index funds available and track general returns of the total economy.
  • Initial investment initiated 05/01/2016, value to be reported at the end of Q2.
  • Endowed Account (Projected Holdings)
    • VTSMX: $6,000
    • VHDYX: $3,000
    • VBMFX: $3,000

Community Banks

  • Holdings at Bridgeview Bank in Edgewater - Chicago IL, to promote community banking. For more information on how a saving account at community bank encourage community growth, send an email to Seamus at 
  • Accounts
    • Checking Account: $500
    • Savings Account: $2,500

Community Credit Unions

  • Holdings at UW Credit Union in Madison WI to, promote community credit unions. For more information on how accounts at a community credit union can promote responsible banking, send an email to Seamus at Here you can view donation transfers, project reimbursement, and endowment purchases.
  • Accounts
    • Paypal / Donations Checking Account: $1,508
      • View completed donation transfers here. (Coming Soon)
    • Operations Checking Account: $4,462
      • View submitted invoices here. (Coming Soon)
      • View our 2016 partner community groups here.
    • To Be Endowed Savings Account: $17,020**
      • All endowed funds are available for view above. 
      • * *17,000 represents the total cash on hand as our purchase through Vanguard is in process.