Community Glue - Community Art Display

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Date: 06/01/2014

Time on Site: .5 Hours

Location: Community Space, 1116 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, IL 60660

Total Cost: No additional costs were incurred during this visit.

Donation Summary: iPhone Pictures

Project Summary: Originally planned to become a community hub for creative projects and collaboration, city codes that could not be ignored put the kibosh on the use of this space.  Luckily Stuart and Ally continue to pursue their goal of offering a community hub at a different location and we hope they succeed very soon!  

Though they could not achieve the original plan, they were able to convert the space into a wonderful display showcasing local community artists.  Stuart and Ally greatly improved the look of the Bryn Mawr CTA entrance and helped the community clean up the blight that was there.  That's a success in my book.  Check out the photos below. 

Please contact Stuart and Ally if you are interested in their original idea.  See below for the original concept plan and their contact information.

Project Summary:  "We are setting up a communal work space in Edgewater that will also be home to Edgewater Reads and Community Glue Workshop. It will be a hub for creative projects and events that serve our neighborhood. Not only will it brighten up a vacant storefront, it will also enrich and engage the surrounding residential and business community." - Stuart Marsh

Questions or Comments?  Contact: Ally Brisbin at or Stuart Marsh at