Ardmore Mural Project


THE OHP partnered with local artist, Senn High School and the Alderman's office to fund and a beautification PROJECT under the CTA Ardmore Viaduct.

Over the course of several months, the Ardmore CTA viaduct was transformed into a colorful space under the direction of local artist, Cara Feeney. Throughout the process students from Senn High School students and members of the neighborhood contributed to the mural during a community paint day. 


Other Reports

Ardmore Mural Finished Comparison (Coming Soon)
Ardmore Mural North Wall Addition  07/01-07/15/2015 (Coming Soon)
Ardmore Mural Artist Progression 05/23 - 07/15 (Coming Soon)
Ardmore Mural Community Painting Day 05/23 (Coming Soon)


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